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Making Sure Our Veterans Get The Respect they Deserve

As a veteran, I understand how hard it is to come home from serving your country and get yourself reoriented and reestablished to civilian life. It was much harder than I expected. That’s why I am dedicated to helping others who have served.

Vets coming home should make the best employees ever.

Unemployment rates should be zero, but even after the recession ended, unemployment rates for vets remained remarkably higher than their non‑veteran peers.

I thought that was a solvable problem. So I started a non-profit called ArmedForce2WorkForce to match up veterans coming home to the employers who could benefit from their talents.

This isn’t about being a Republican or a Democrat. This is about doing the right thing. We have an obligation to the men and women who serve.

I take that obligation incredibly seriously. That’s why I want to continue representing you in the State Senate. Please join me in voting No on the Recall.

In solidarity,

Senator Josh Newman

See what local veterans have to say about Josh's work on their behalf.

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