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Recall Myth vs. Fact

Recalling Josh Newman will repeal the gas tax.

Recalling Josh Newman will have no impact on the gas tax whatsoever.

Voters in Josh Newman’s district spoke clearly when they signed the petition to recall him from office.

Of the voters who signed the petition calling for Newman’s recall, a startlingly high number actually had no idea exactly what they were signing. Paid political operatives collected the signatures needed to force this special recall election by telling voters they were signing a petition to repeal the gas tax, when in reality, they were actually collecting signatures to recall Josh Newman. Thousands of voters later came forward to sign petitions to remove their name from the Recall, and the signature collectors were investigated for fraud. But the damage was already done and the Recall qualified for the ballot.

Josh Newman wasted tax dollars by changing the rules governing recall elections.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Josh voted, along with a majority of the State Senate and Assembly, to update California’s outdated Elections Code in an effort to protect voters from the kinds of fraudulent signature-gathering practices that were used to collect the signatures supporting the Recall. In fact, the exact opposite happens to be true in this case: it is the proponents of the Recall, and not Josh Newman or any other Democratic member of the Legislature, who have caused millions of taxpayer dollars across three counties to be wasted as a result of their dishonest and deceptive Recall campaign.

Josh Newman supports “blowing up” Prop. 13.

Josh Newman has no intention of proposing or supporting any legislation that would repeal or otherwise undermine Prop. 13. More generally, Newman is committed to keeping your taxes as low as possible while ensuring accountability and transparency in government across the spectrum. Newman believes strongly that you, like all Californians, work hard for your money, and for every dollar you pay in taxes, you should have the assurance that the taxpayers of our state will get at least $1 dollar back in benefit.

Josh voted to make California a “Sanctuary State” which will prevent law enforcement from being able to detain dangerous criminals.

The US Constitution is very clear about the separation of powers between the Federal government and the states, and no state should be compelled to enforce federal policies (in this case certain types of aggressive immigration enforcement) at the expense of the relationship between Californians and those in law enforcement. Josh Newman voted for SB 54, which was a common-sense measure to ensure all Californians can count on due process and full protection and fair treatment under the law. Furthermore, prior to casting his vote for SB 54, Newman was one of several Senators who made sure that the final version of SB 54 on which they voted included very specific language that ensured that state and local law enforcement would continue to be able to work with federal authorities in all cases concerning violent crime or dangerous offenders.

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