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No on Recall Endorsements


California Faculty Association
California Federation of Teachers
California League of Conservation Voters
California Nurses Association
California Professional Firefighters
California School Employees Association
California Statewide Law Enforcement Association
Orange County Employees Association (OCEA)
Orange County Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
Orange County Professional Firefighters Association
Sierra Club

Elected Leaders

Congressman Lou Correa
Congresswoman Gloria Negrete McLeod (Ret.)

State Senator Joe Dunn (Ret.)
State Assemblymember Tom Daly
State Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Sliva

Anaheim City Councilmember Jose Moreno
Anaheim City Councilmember Jordan Brandman (Ret.)
Buena Park City Councilmember Art Brown (Ret.)
Brea City Councilmember Ron Garcia (Ret.)
Brea City Councilmember Christine Marick
Brea City Councilmember Brett Murdock (Ret.)
Brea City Councilmember Bev Perry (Ret.)
Covina City Councilmember Jorge Marquez
Fullerton City Councilmember Jan Flory
Fullerton City Councilmember Pam Keller (Ret.)
Fullerton City Councilmember Jesus Silva
La Habra Mayor Rose Espinoza
La Palma City Councilmember Kathy Flachmeier
La Palma City Councilmember Gerard Goedhart
La Palma City Councilmember Marshall Goodman
Stanton Mayor Carol Warren
Stanton City Councilmember Brian Donahue
Stanton City Councilmember Sal Sapien (Ret.)
Walnut Mayor Eric Ching
Walnut City Councilmember Andrew Rodriguez
West Covina City Councilmember James Toma
West Covina City Councilmember Corey Warshaw
West Covina City Councilmember Ben Wong (Ret.)
Westminster City Councilmember Diana Carey (Ret.)

Mount San Antonio College District Trustee Jay Chen
Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee Larry Labrado
North Orange County Community College District Trustee Ed Lopez

Anaheim City School District Boardmember Jeff Cole
Anaheim City School District Boardmember David Robert Heywood
Anaheim City School District Boardmember Jose Paolo Magcalas
Anaheim City School District Boardmember Ryan Ruelas
Anaheim Union High School District Boardmember Al Jabbar
Anaheim Union High School District Boardmember Anne Marie Trejo
Centralia School District Boardmember Elizabeth González
Centralia School District Boardmember Steve Harris
Centralia School District Boardmember Connor Traut
Chino Valley Unified School District Boardmember Irene Hernandez-Blair
Fullerton Joint Union High School District Boardmember Joanne Fawley
Fullerton Joint Union High School District Boardmember Andy Montoya
Fullerton School District Boardmember Jeanette Vazquez
Fullerton School District Boardmember Minard Duncan (Ret.)
La Habra City School District Boardmember Cynthia Aguirre
La Habra City School District Boardmember Sharon Brown (Ret.)
La Habra City School District Boardmember Linda Edwards (Ret.)
Savanna School District Boardmember Chris Brown
Walnut Unified School District Boardmember Layla Abou-Taleb
Walnut Unified School District Boardmember Helen Hall

Community Leaders

Anaheim Cultural & Heritage Commissioner Juan Alvarez
Anaheim Cultural & Heritage Commissioner Rida Hamida
Anaheim Library Commissioner Claudia Perez-Figueroa
Arab American Community Leader Rashad al-Dabbagh
Buena Park United Founder Susan Sonne
Business Leader Dwight Manley
Day of Music Fullerton President Corky Nepomuceno
Fullerton Business Leader Kris Hanna
Fullerton Community Leader Jodi Balma
Fullerton Economic Development Commissioner Arnel Dino
Fullerton Planning Commissioner Kathleen Shanfield
Fullerton Parks and Recreation Commissioner Jose Trinidad Casta├▒eda
Former La Habra Community Service Commissioner Monica Faith Choi
Save Coyote Hills Activist Shirley Gregg
Save Coyote Hills Activist Denise Holmes
Save Coyote Hills Activist Matt Leslie
Save Coyote Hills Activist Angela Lindstrom
La Habra Community Leader Kathleen Scherger

*Organization Names Listed for Identification Purposes Only

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