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The Trump radioactive stew is streaming out of Washington. It threatens many of the values we hold dear as Democrats. Only Governor Brown and the Democrats in Sacramento are protecting us from the devastating effects of this administration’s misguided policies.

That’s why we need our Democratic Senator Josh Newman in Sacramento — and why we need to make sure to vote No on the Recall.

NO on the Recall – Ensuring Clean Air and Water

President Trump wants to drill for oil off California’s coast and put a radical climate change denier in charge of the EPA. Governor Brown and Senator Newman are working to ensure the safety of the air we breathe and the water we drink, and protect our environment. The 5th largest economy in the world, we can make a difference in California – even if the President abandons the fight.

NO on the Recall – Safeguarding Our Families

President Trump wants to build a wall and deport the children of immigrants — some of who have been here almost their entire lives. Senator Newman is working with Governor Brown to protect all our families against unfair discrimination.

NO on the Recall – Protecting Our Right to Choose

From his Supreme Court picks to attacks on Planned Parenthood, President Trump has consistently set in motion attacks on women across America. Senator Newman is standing tall to protect a woman’s right to choose and make sure the #MeToo movement is heard in Sacramento.

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