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Voters Have 30 Days to Retract Names from GOP’s Dishonest Recall Petition

Voters Have 30 Days to Retract Names from GOP’s Dishonest Recall Petition

Over 2,000 Voters Already Demand their Names Be Removed from Petition After Learning of GOP Lies

Santa Ana, CA – On Thursday, more than 2000 voters demanded their names be removed from the deceitful recall petition aimed at removing Senator Josh Newman from office. Thursday was the same day Secretary of State Alex Padilla instructed registrars of voters to give voters 30 days to rescind their signatures under a new law signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

Thousands of voters say they were lied to by GOP operatives and paid signature gatherers who told them the recall petition would repeal the gas tax. An investigation is now pending into the illegal tactics behind the recall – that included signs and statements claiming a signature on the petition would repeal the gas and car tax.

“Voters have every right to be furious about being lied to and tricked into signing this petition, and now they have the ability to fight back,” said Newman campaign spokesman Mike Roth. “We’ve always said that when voters know the truth about this deceptive recall, they’ll demand accountability for the GOP’s lies.”

More information about how to remove your name from the recall petition: http://newmanforsenate.com/get-off-the-recall/

Posted on August 24, 2017 in Press Releases.

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