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Hundreds of SD 29 Voters Demand Removal of their Signatures from Cynical, Dishonest Recall Petition

“Furious” Voters Condemn Dirty Tricks by California Republican Party

Fullerton, CA – Hundreds of voters in Senate District 29 are fighting back against underhanded tricks the California Republican Party has used to collect signatures for the petition trying to recall State Senator Josh Newman. After finding out they’ve been lied to by proponents, hundreds have demanded that Registrars of Voters in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange counties remove their signatures from the petition. The action comes after Newman demanded an investigation into illegal tactics by CRP and politicians from outside the district who have lied to voters, falsely claiming the petition will “Stop the Car Tax.”

Chris Bradley, who signed the petition in Fullerton, was told that signing it would lower his gas bill at home. “When I found out that the petition was just a ploy to recall the Senator I voted for six months ago, I was furious,” Bradley said. “They are blatantly lying to us, saying they are standing up for local taxpayers, but are actually playing us for fools.”

SD 29 voters reported that they signed the petition after being informed it would lower their taxes, only to learn later their signature was on a recall petition. Upon being informed of the real reason behind the petition, an increasing number of voters have asked for their signatures to be removed.

Michael Hernandez was approached at Target in Brea and asked to sign the petition to lower the gas tax. “When I found out they misled me, I asked for my signature to be rescinded from the petition,” Hernandez said. “The proponents are out at my local store every weekend with signs saying ‘Stop the Car Tax.’ We can’t let them unashamedly lie to us and undermine our votes for someone like Senator Newman who promised to be a strong and independent voice for the residents of our area – and who has been doing exactly that.”

“I’m glad to see my constituents standing up for the credibility of our election process and demanding to have their names removed from this underhanded and wasteful political ruse,” said State Senator Josh Newman. “The petition itself and the proponents’ campaign reek of the partisan and deceitful tactics that alienate voters – the very same politics as usual that I pledged to fight. The nearly $3 million this petition will waste would be far better spent on bettering our community’s schools, firefighters, police and hospitals.”

Last week, attorneys filed legal complaints with the State Attorney General, Secretary of State, and County District Attorneys representing Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino, demanding they investigate illegal misrepresentations by the committee circulating petitions to recall the Senator. Misrepresenting the contents of a recall petition is a misdemeanor under California’s Elections Code.

If you were tricked into signing the recall petition after being told it would ‘Stop the Car Tax, send an email to info@DontSignRecall.com.

Posted on June 22, 2017 in Press Releases.

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