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Sen. Josh Newman Demands Investigations into Egregious & Illegal Claims by CA Republican Party- backed Recall Campaign

Recall Won’t “Stop the Car Tax”; Lying to Voters about Petition Contents is a Crime

Sacramento, CA – Attorneys for Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) today filed legal complaints with the State Attorney General, Secretary of State (attached), and County District Attorneys representing Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino demanding they investigate illegal misrepresentations by the committee circulating petitions to recall the Senator. The California Republican Party, Reform California, its principal officer Carl DeMaio, and petition circulators are all named in the complaint for their involvement in providing false information to voters to obtain signatures on the recall petition. Dozens of photos and social media posts accompanying the complaint show signs, materials, web postings and other evidence of Carl DeMaio’s and circulators’ false claims the petition will “Stop the Car Tax.”

Today’s filings also detail the accounts of SD 29 voters who report being tricked into signing the recall petition with proponents’ false claims that their signature would halt a car and gas tax approved by the legislature. Upon being informed of the real reason behind the petition, an increasing number of voters have asked for their signatures to be removed.

Mike Roth, spokesman for the campaign against the recall, said, “The California Republican Party, DeMaio, and their paid operatives are lying to voters in blatant violation of the law. We are asking the authorities charged with enforcing the law to investigate these claims and hold these Trump Republicans accountable for their legal obligation to be honest with voters.”

Roth continued, “The egregious lies told by the CRP and its campaign are exactly why reforms to the recall process are needed to ensure voters have the opportunity to get the facts.”

Attorney Richard Rios wrote in the letter to the Secretary of State today, “As the state’s chief elections officer, it is the duty of the Secretary of State to administer the provisions of the Elections Code, to conduct elections efficiently, and to enforce the state’s election laws. (Cal. Gov. Code §12172.5.) I respectfully request that you immediately investigate and take appropriate action against the above named committees and their principal officers, including Carl DeMaio, and individual circulators for willfully and knowingly publishing and exhibiting false statements concerning the content of a petition in order to persuade individual voters to sign the petition to recall my client.”

Rios also told the law enforcement officials, “It is of utmost importance to the electoral process that voters be provided with accurate, straightforward information when signing a petition. In the current effort to collect signatures to recall Senator Newman, there is clear and substantial evidence that the recall petition circulators have provided voters with false and misleading information in violation of Elections Code Section 18600. I request that you immediately investigate these violations to ensure the integrity of the recall process.”

Misrepresenting the contents of a recall petition is a misdemeanor under California’s Elections Code.

Posted on June 14, 2017 in Press Releases.

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