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Local Elected Officials and Community Leaders Denounce Wasteful Recall Petition

Nearly $3 million would be better spent on local priorities

Fullerton, CA – The list of local elected officials and community leaders on record opposing the costly and wasteful recall aimed at Senator Josh Newman is growing, with more than eighteen state, city, school district, and community leaders joining the call to urge voters not to sign the misleading petition. Just seven months after Senator Newman was elected by Senate District 29 voters, politicians from outside the district have teamed up with the California Republican Party to mislead voters.

Local elected and community leaders are asking voters to look past the Trump-size deceptions of the recall backers, and see the recall petition for what it really means, a nearly $3 million bill for taxpayers.

“This costly recall petition is more politics as usual from politicians who don’t even live in our area. We advise voters to read what they’re asking you to sign – the petition won’t do anything to solve the problems in our communities but it will cost us more money,” said Fullerton Joint Union High School District Trustee Joanne Fawley.

The elected officials and community leaders who denounced the wasteful recall today include:

State Assemblymember Sharon Quirk-Sliva
Fullerton City Councilmember Jesus Silva
La Palma City Councilmember Gerard Goedhart
Stanton Mayor Carol Warren
Stanton City Councilmember Brian Donahue
Westminster City Councilmember Diana Carey (Ret.)
Mount San Antonio College District Trustee Jay Chen
Centralia School District Boardmember Elizabeth González
Centralia School District Boardmember Connor Traut
Fullerton Joint Union High School District Trustee Joanne Fawley
Fullerton School District Trustee Jeanette Vazquez
Walnut Unified School District Boardmember Helen Hall
Anaheim Cultural & Heritage Commissioner Juan Alvarez
Anaheim Cultural & Heritage Commissioner Rida Hamida
Fullerton College Professor & Community Leader Jodi Balma
Former La Habra Community Service Commissioner Monica Faith Choi
La Habra Community Leader Kathleen Scherger

Posted on June 12, 2017 in Press Releases.

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