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City and School Officials Denounce Wasteful Recall Petition

$2.5 million would be better spent

Fullerton, CA -- A slew of local city councilmembers and school board members from the 29th Senate District have denounced the recall petition aimed at Senator Josh Newman. The hypocritical recall backed by the California Republican Party under the guise of saving money actually costs taxpayers $2.5 million more to repeat an election held just last November. The local government and school board members said the money would be better invested in putting 60 more teachers in our schools, 35 more firefighters in our communities and 30 more cops on the streets.

“This recall petition won’t do anything to solve the problems we face in our communities, it only diverts money from the things taxpayers really care about, like protecting public safety and helping our kids succeed in school,” said Cynthia Aguirre, La Habra City School District Boardmember.

The officials who denounced the wasteful recall today include:

Anaheim City Councilmember Jordan Brandman (Ret.)
Anaheim City Councilmember Jose Moreno
Brea City Councilmember Brett Murdock (Ret.)
Covina City Councilmember Jorge Marquez
La Habra Mayor Rose Espinoza
La Palma City Councilmember Marshall Goodman
Walnut City Councilmember Andrew Rodriguez
West Covina City Councilmember James Toma
West Covina City Councilmember Ben Wong (Ret.)
Anaheim City School District Boardmember David Robert Heywood
Anaheim Union High School District Boardmember Al Jabbar
Centralia School District Boardmember Connor Traut
La Habra City School District Boardmember Cynthia Aguirre
La Habra City School District Boardmember Sharon Brown (Ret.)
La Habra City School District Boardmember Linda Edwards (Ret.)

Posted on May 25, 2017 in Press Releases.

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